Every follower of Christ is a Missionary.


We believe that every follower of Christ is a missionary.

Whether through serving locally or traveling with an international team, everyone can experience the joy that comes as we share the love of Christ through missions. The Mission Team of New Covenant is committed to providing opportunities for every Christian to participate in the work of Christ.   We do this by providing three levels of serving:


The basic level is that everyone can be involved. Everyone can bring a canned good or non-perishable item for a food drive. Everyone can participate as we paint at Exodus House, or serve lunch at Skyline or Shiloh, or do any number of things around the Edmond and  Oklahoma City communities.


The next level includes things that anyone can do. These things require a deeper commitment of time and resources, and may include serving on a mission team to the Katrina area, or on an international short-term mission team.


Finally, the top level involves developing Strategic Missions that reach particular people groups in ways that develop over a period of time. New Covenant supports several missionaries in places where we can send short-term teams to assist with long-term work, and see results of being in one place over time.

If you would like to get involved with the Missions Team, contact Amber Hocker at ahocker@newcov.tv or call at 405-562-3200.


Experience the joy that comes as we share the love of Christ through Missions


Shiloh Camp Gatorade Drive

May 7TH - 28TH

We will be collecting Gatorade Bottles for Shiloh Camp throughout the month of May! Shiloh Camp is a camp for students in OKC that seeks to transform our inner-city with the love of Christ through sports, arts, and meaningful relationships;  we can help them with their ministry by providing 12 oz and 20 oz bottles of Gatorade!

You can drop off the bottles in collection spots in Decker Hall and the Café!