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Meals on Wednesday nights during the school year @ 5:30 pm
$5 adults, $3 kids, $15 family maximum


For Family



Christina Butterworth | NC Kids Building

At 6:30 pm, New Cov Kids gather by age in the following classes for games and learning:

0 – 4 yrs
Kinder – 2nd grade
3rd – 4th grade

Whether it’s using wacky science experiments, learning about real life heroes of the faith, or fun games, elementary kids get to unwind from a long day at school, build relationship with other kids and leaders, and learn more about who God is and who He has created them to be!  Plus, we also look for ways to make a difference in our community!


Nathan Cates | North End

Midweek for New Cov students:  6:30-8:00 pm, for fun, friends…worship and Bible study:

NC Fifty-Six: Fifth & Sixth grade students gather upstairs in the North End at 6:30 pm for Word study and game night. In this setting students grow friendships and build a faith foundation that is solid and relevant to the world in which they live.

ROTATE: For Middle School and High School Wednesday night is Rotate! This lasts from 6:30-8:00pm at the North End. There is a rotation of activities throughout the month: Large group, Core Group (small groups by age and gender), Engage (mission-focused), Core Group. 



Adult Classes

THE BOOK OF ACTS - Pastor's Bible Study

Rev. Adrian Cole | Fireside Room

Join Senior Pastor, Adrian Cole, on a study of the Book of Acts this fall. This particular study will dig into passages at a more in-depth level so that historical, biblical, and life application connections can be made. This class begins September 6th.

Financial Peace University

Tim Delpha | Rm 109

Financial Peace University (FPU) is a 9-lesson, money-management course taught by America's most trusted financial guru, Dave Ramsey. Dave and his teaching team will walk you through the basics of budgeting, dumping debt, planning for the future and much more. Member kits will be available for purchase the first night; try the first session for free. This class begins September 6th.


Connect Group

Kendell Belcher | Rm 208

This lively group of women will read and discuss a book each semester that equips them for life and motherhood.  Their conversations are lively and relationships are strong. They support and encourage one another in and out of the classroom setting. Books will be available for purchase the first night. This class begins September 6th.


Vickie Taylor | Rm 106

Too many of us walk through life feeling as if we don't measure up. We always seem to thirst for more. We think if we could only work harder or be better, we could be enough. But the truth is, we will never be enough. And thankfully, we don't have to be. In this 8-session study, Jennie Allen walks through key passages in the Book of John to demonstrate how only Jesus is enough. We don't have to prove anything because Jesus has already proven everything. Workbooks will be available for purchase the first night. This class begins September 6th.


The Making of a Marriage

Trait & Sara Thompson | Rm 102/103

Using the book, The Making of a Marriage, Trait and Sara Thompson will discuss how couples can improve communication in their marriages, avoid falling into unhealthy patterns in conflict, and start dating each other again.  Married for 12 years, Trait and Sara learned and used these principles early in their marriage to avoid impending divorce. If you've been married a long time, a short time, engaged, are in a serious dating relationship or want to hear about the time Trait got Sara cooking lessons for Mother's Day, this class can be helpful to you. Books will be available for purchase the first night. The study begins September 6th and ends October 25th.

Conversational Spanish

Joy Nowlin | Room 107

Joy Nowlin has Masters of Education in Spanish and decades of teaching experiences, and she is excited to help anyone who wants to learn the basics of Spanish or refresh themselves on the language to join her for a six-week class. Basic vocabulary, language skills, and helpful key words for everyday use or travel will be the focus. A workbook will be available for purchase. This class begins September 6th and ends October 11th.



Bonnie Cates & Wilma Hamilton| Rm 206

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go. . .”  Wait a minute—it’s only August!  Every year it seems retailers begin marketing for Yuletide earlier in hopes we will spend more, not just for the gifts, but for all the trappings necessary to celebrate in style.  And every year many of us promise ourselves that we will not succumb to this consumer mentality and that this will be the year we really remember the Reason for the Season.  Keep that promise to yourself – learn how to simplify the holidays by joining Wilma Hamilton and Bonnie Cates in a 6-week study, sponsored by the Spiritual Formation team: Christmas is Not Your Birthday: Experience the Joy of Living and Giving Like Jesus. The study begins September 6th and ends October 11th.


Simplify Your Life

Bonnie Cates & Wilma Hamilton 

Class starts October 25th. Details forthcoming!

Faith at the Workplace

Jeff Bull & Shelley Johnson 

Class starts October 25th. Details forthcoming!


Rev. Darrell Cates | Rm 102/103

In three sessions we will look at how events in England and the emerging American Colonies were shaped by the Methodist movement led by John and Charles Wesley and in turn shaped the American Methodist Church’s Polity (governance) and Doctrines (teachings).  We will look at how the influences that shaped the formation of the United States of American also shaped the Methodist Church and still impact us today. This study is on November 8th, 15th, and 31st.


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