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Spiritual Formation


We hope to create experiential opportunities for noticing how God is personally and communally relevant and moving in every little and large bit of our lives, not only giving us life, but living it with and in us!



Christa Midkiff & Suzan Benson | Rm 205

In the book of Acts we see the resurrected & reigning Christ, thru the Holy Spirit, teaching & guiding his children: leading Philip to new unreached cultures (Acts 8), revealing his messiahship to Paul (Acts 9), teaching Peter about his Jewish nationalism (Acts 10), guiding the church out of it’s cultural captivity (Acts15). What we see over & over again is God’s people learning to live on the basis of hearing God’s Voice and obeying His Word.

This is the biblical foundation for meditation! The wonderful news is that Jesus has not stopped acting and speaking. He is resurrected and at work in our world. He is not idle, nor has he developed laryngitis. He is alive and among us.

We’d like to invite you to journey with us as we practice the ancient Christian disciplines of prayer and meditation. No experience necessary.