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Spiritual Formation


We hope to create experiential opportunities for noticing how God is personally and communally relevant and moving in every little and large bit of our lives, not only giving us life, but living it with and in us!


Restore my soul retreat

March 8 & 9

Come for a time of grace and peace as we contemplate the 23rd Psalm through silence, meditation on scripture, and labyrinth walking. The Season of Lent is the perfect time to learn new prayer practices and find the soul refreshing peace of spending time with God. 

If you are yearning to go deeper and further into your relationship with the Lord, come join our community for a time set apart. 

We are too.

No experience necessary.

Friday Registration at 6:30, Session is 7-9:30

Saturday: 9-4, lunch and snacks will be provided

Cost is $50 per person

Contact Suzan Benson if you have any questions, 405-436-8278.



Suzan Benson & Christa Midkiff | Room 205

This Midterm class, led by Spiritual Formation leaders Suzan Benson and Christa Midkiff, is based on the spiritual classic, Soul Feast. In this book, Marjorie Thompson invites believers into the Christian spiritual life, offering a framework for understanding the spiritual disciplines, as well as, instruction for developing and nurturing those practices. Suzan and Christa will walk participants through a discussion of the practices described in the book and through the application of those practices. Books will be available for purchase at class.

Starting March 27th.