Stewardship 2016


Point our lives back to God for worship and study.


Provide the tools and opportunities to make, mature, and mobilize disciples for Jesus Christ.


Gather the resources, skills, and person power to move God's plan from words to action.


Raise the bar for community and mutual accountability to live and work as the Body of Christ together.


Seek healing in all that we are and do as the Body of Christ as we REACH the world for Jesus.


our objective through the reach program is to engage scripture and the holy spirit in answering what it means for the body of christ to reach the world for jesus. that we might boldly, faithfully, and graciously impact our relationships, community and world for the good news of the gospel.



Joy is that God is with me no matter how bad the times get. Sometimes it doesn’t work out the way you think it’s supposed to, but He’s still there.   Pat Chivers


I think that God can use all opportunities to equip the church through the gift of community, the gift of encouragement, and really pouring your life and your life experiences into others.               Dan Prince



I always want to advance God’s kingdom by first letting him work on me and letting others see that displayed.         Jonah Grisham

Commitment for us is really getting involved. We’ve always gone to church, but now we’re getting into Sunday School; we’re serving; and we’re getting the kids involved. Church is a priority more than once a week.                                           Kyle and Michelle Barker



Ithink the number one thing about healing is for us to understand that we are worthy of being healed in our sacred worth to God.                                                           Melissa Pearce