Helping mobilize and disciple people and to provide prayer opportunities so they may come into communion with God.


Prayer Ministries

The mission of the Prayer Ministry at New Covenant is to mobilize and disciple people and to provide prayer opportunities so they may come into communion with God.  Listed below are the different Prayer Ministries at New Covenant.



Participate with many other people in intercessory prayer for the needs and concerns of others by internet.  PrayerNet distributes prayer concerns automatically through the internet via e-mail using a Google Group.  If selected by the person making the request, prayer requests entered in our Prayer Request form go to members of New Covenant’s PrayerNet email list.


This team joins in prayer for requests made through the online Prayer Request Form, New Covenant’s PrayerNet, the Prayer Phone Line, and the Prayer Boxes located throughout New Covenant’s facilities.  Every Wednesday evening this  team prepares the Worship Center for Sunday morning services by arranging items, such as the prayer request cards, within the pews and praying for the needs of those who will be sitting in each seat the following Sunday.   This team also writes notes of hope and encouragement to persons on the prayer list each week.  It’s a great team that grows together by encouraging and supporting each other while becoming friends (and having a lot of fun in the process).


Prayer Blankets are lap-sized, hand-sewn blankets given to people going through difficult struggles in their life. It is a tangible reminder that the healing prayers of our church surround them. Each month at New Covenant, the blankets are prayed over and dedicated to the healing ministry of prayer.

God has used this powerful ministry to touch the lives of many people who have received one of these blankets. They bring relief, healing, peace and joy and remind people that they are not alone in their struggle.


Weekly Time of Prayer

Our weekly Time of Prayer will now take place in the Worship Center at 10:00 am on Thursdays each week, and will no longer be live streamed. Our hope is to focus on listening to God during that time, so we hope you will join us in person, or spend time in prayer on Thursday mornings with us.


Pray with other people during the Worship Service.


Need a special quiet place to talk with God anytime, day or night? New Covenant has a prayer room located on the far southwestern corner of Building 200 with a keypad access. The access number is 4-3-1 as in Acts 4:31.


New Covenant is proud to provide Stephen Ministers to those who need someone to walk beside them during a difficult time.  Learn more here.