Every follower of Christ is a Missionary.


We believe that every follower of Christ is a missionary.

Whether through serving locally or traveling with an international team, everyone can experience the joy that comes as we share the love of Christ through missions. The Mission Team of New Covenant is committed to providing opportunities for every Christian to participate in the work of Christ.   We do this by providing three levels of serving:


The basic level is that everyone can be involved. Everyone can bring a canned good or non-perishable item for a food drive. Everyone can participate as we paint at Exodus House, or serve lunch at Skyline or Shiloh, or do any number of things around the Edmond and  Oklahoma City communities.


The next level includes things that anyone can do. These things require a deeper commitment of time and resources, and may include serving on a mission team to the Katrina area, or on an international short-term mission team.


Finally, the top level involves developing Strategic Missions that reach particular people groups in ways that develop over a period of time. New Covenant supports several missionaries in places where we can send short-term teams to assist with long-term work, and see results of being in one place over time.

If you would like to get involved with the Missions Team, contact Jay Smith at jsmith@newcov.tv or call at 405-562-3200.


Experience the joy that comes as we share the love of Christ through Missions


Upcoming Missions

The Exodus House

Exodus House is a six-month temporary residential project where people newly released from prison can live with their families while they re-enter life successfully outside prison walls. Those who take this route rarely return to prison. This program provides “opportunities for ex-offenders to have a healthy, nurturing, and accountable environment where they may begin their life again.

Because of your Faith Promise dollars and designated funds, New Covenant is able to sponsor two apartments. The sponsorship involves mentoring the residents and helping them to graduate with furnishings necessary to live independently. We are looking for men and women willing to mentor the residents by simply showing them the love of Christ via phone calls, occasional meals together and support as they further their faith journeys. 

An immediate need is furniture, bedding, lamps, small appliances (anything needed to start life on one's own). 

If you have donations and/or would like to make a huge difference in someone’s life, contact Kathy Sewell or by calling 405.740.5470.


Q&As With Pastor Kyungu

On March 3rd, Pastor Kyungu Bertin from the Democratic Republic of Congo will be sharing stories about the things that God is doing in his country. All are welcome to join for this Q&A in the Fireside Room during the Sunday School hour starting at 10:00 am.

Also, on March 2nd, Bill Junk will be hosting a meal at his home where Kyungu will be speaking in more detail about his ministry. Bill has invited anyone from the church to join them for BBQ sandwiches and a time of conversation at 6 PM, 1617 Garrett Dr, Edmond, OK 73013. Make sure to RSVP so the Junks can prepare; call Bill at 405-826-8709. (If you call during General Conference, make sure to leave him a message.)

Faith Promise


Faith Promise is a ministry that gives us, the body of Christ, the opportunity to reach across the street and to the other side of the world with the love and good news of Jesus Christ. 

The funds raised through Faith Promise are the primary way we support local and global missions at New Covenant. The funds raised through the year for Faith Promise come from commitments made by families and individuals that they will use either a percentage or all of any financial blessings that God might give us over the next year. It’s not a pledge but a promise born from the belief that God blesses us so we can bless others. 

You can click here to make an online gift and be sure to place your amount in the "Faith Promise" section.


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