Inspired through experience. Inspired to transform.

We are excited about inviting you to be part of a new effort to enhance our worship center that we are calling “Inspired.”

On March 7, 2017, our church leaders made the decision to address the critical issues of our worship center. The issues we face are simply outdated technology and worn conditions. As you may know, we started talking about our “Inspired” project on Sunday, September 10th, at our church’s 40th birthday celebration. Our plan is to update our video technology, lighting system, a redo of the front stage area of the worship center, new flooring, and more.

Our heart and hope is to continue to provide inspired worship that attracts people to our church. Worship is the hub and center of every community of faith and is where we hope those looking for Christ will find Him. We desire our worship space to be inviting and relevant so people come away inspired and filled with the Holy Spirit. We also know that worship is the first place a visitor encounters our church. It is where they will make up their minds whether to come back or not. Because of that fact, we need your help.

We have gone through a bidding process and selected a company we believe can help us accomplish what we feel called to do. The total cost for the project is $400,000. We invite you to start praying about how you can help us achieve what God is calling us to do. There are pledge cards available at New Covenant, or you can fill out an online pledge below. On October 1st, Commitment Sunday, we are going to ask you to turn in your pledge with the hopes of having the funds raised by January. God bless, and thank you for your continued support.

In Christ,


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Inspired Pledge Card

Moving forward with God and New Covenant I will commit to give the amount noted below to help update the Worship Center.

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