Welcome to the online version of Praying Through the Scriptures Volume 1, Gratitude. For the next few weeks, you’ll be able to keep up with the weekly blog posts that people from New Covenant have put together for the purpose of guiding you through a daily time of prayer and Scripture. 

This Weekly Blog. It’s Part One of a four-part series that the Spiritual Formation and Adult Discipleship Teams have partnered on with the intent to equip you with the truth of Scripture and the grace of prayer. For the next few weeks, you will be connected to a tool that will help you explore Scripture with a prayerful focus. 

Why Pray? Rueben Job, in the Introduction of his book Listen: Praying in a Noisy World, invites all to enter into the habit of praying because “prayer is the pathway for a vital, growing, and fulfilling relationship with God.” But he also challenges us to listen for God as we pray.

Why Scripture? What better place to find God than in the pages of His Word. Leaders of the church have guided the church in praying through Scripture since the early church, which we can read for ourselves in Acts 4. In verses 24-26 we see that the early church was being threatened, so when they turned to God, they actually prayed parts of Psalm 2 to Him. John Piper, on his Desiring God blog, says that “the early church prayed back to God the very words that God had given them.” 

The Invitation. This blog is for you to use on a daily basis in order to put into practice this discipline of praying through Scripture. And as you pray, may you discover God anew, may your spirit be filled by the Holy Spirit, and may you see God at work as He moves in you and through you.


Praying the Scripture is an active form of prayer that engages ALL our God-given faculties - physical senses, feelings, emotions, and imagination - in prayer, between the one praying and the text, and between the one praying and the Holy Spirit, like a conversation. 

This series is organized in WEEKLY segments with these parts in each week: 

1. Weekly Theme 4. Daily – Praying Scripture 

2. Weekly Devotion 5. Weekly Wrap-up 

3. Weekly Prayer 

As you read through the post each week, you can follow these daily steps: 

Each Monday -- move through the first four parts, ending with that day’s Praying Scripture. 

Tuesday thru Saturday – pray the Weekly Prayer AND that day’s Praying Scripture, keeping the weekly theme in mind. 

Sunday – engage in the Weekly Wrap-up.

Here are some questions you might use as you pray through each day’s Scripture to give you a rich experience: 

• How do you feel about what you are hearing? Or not hearing? How does it make you feel toward God? 

• Are you being drawn to anything, compelled to change in any way, invited to something? 

• Are you feeling led to respond in any way? Talk to God about that. 

Don’t analyze, simply receive what the Scripture is saying to you through the Word this day. Then rest with it for a while. Just be with God. 

Allow this process to be a slow, careful reading. As you soak-in the Word of God, it becomes part of you – just as the food you eat becomes your flesh and blood, the Word becomes part of the very fabric of who you are. 

God’s peace, glory, and hope be yours, 

The Spiritual Formation and Adult Discipleship Teams

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