Garage Sale for Seminary Student

When:  September 28 & 29

Where:  Parking lot across street from church

Friday 8 Am-5 PM

Saturday 8 Am- 3 PM

Frank in Masaii village.jpeg

Twelve years ago two New Covenant women and a teenage boy accepted God’s calling to go to Morogoro, Tanzania.  What they found was the beginning of a long history and connection with the people in that area.  Methodist Pastor Umba Kalangwa had the vision of building a church and a school for the people in that area.  Everything was being done by hand; digging the foundation, mixing the cement, making the bricks, mudding the walls.  These two women and the teenager began developing relationships.  They told the people they’d be back next year.  No-one ever told these Tanzanian people, they’d be back! A New Covenant team has returned every year since then.

Pastor Umba’s vision continues to grow with God’s blessing.  The church in Morogoro has been completed.  The elementary school is one of the best schools in all of Tanzania and continues to grow.  In fact, the Christian school has such a great reputation that Muslim families next door send their children there to learn!  Last summer, the school received several laptops to help them expand their education in school.

With your financial support through Faith Promise, construction continues, wells have been dug in Masaii villages so that children do not lose their lives enroute to get water from rivers, presently churches and schools are being built in two Masaii villages.

Frank Karoli.jpeg

God has blessed these wonderful people and continues to bless teams that go to Tanzania every year.  Pastor Umba is a visionary, following God’s desires and heart.  He plans to retire in 5-6 years.  Who will take his place?  Will his vision fall to the wayside?

Frank Karoli began working with Pastor Umba about the same time that these two New Covenant women and teenager visited Morogoro for the first time.  Frank speaks fluent English, is very much a part of New Covenant team visits to Morogoro, and continues to see the vision in that part of the world.  He has been accepted to seminary in the US.  Unfortunately, he does not have the funds to attend seminary.  Frank is the logical replacement for Pastor Umba.  Thus, many of us at New Covenant are trying to raise funds to bring him to the US for seminary.  Will you help?

If you have items to donate for this upcoming garage sale, please call JoAnn (824-5184), or email her at  and she will pick up the items to be donated or you may bring items on the day of the garage sale.  If you would like to donate to this cause, please make a check out to the Oklahoma Methodist Foundation and put in the memo line “seminary costs.”  An account has been set-up at the Foundation for this worthy cause.  You may drop off cash donation or checks at the garage sale, or in the church office.  We will make sure they are deposited in the correct account at the Foundation.

Thank you for your faithfulness.  Thank you for blessing these beautiful neighbors of ours!