Sent Out Saturday: Erin's Story

Our family had the pleasure of participating in New Cov's Sent Out Saturday.  Steve and I feel that it is important for us to serve our church and community together as a family so this was a great opportunity to get Anderson and Sophia involved in serving.  Our assignment was to help a Mobile Meals client with her yard.  We helped her clean out flower beds but more importantly we developed a relationship with our client that didn't end with the yard work.  

In the course of talking to this wonderful woman in her nineties, we found out that she had a life-long career in education.  Being a teacher, I was very interested in hearing about her experiences and we found out that she was instrumental in working to get libraries established in elementary schools!  My children are avid readers and they cannot imagine a school without a library.  They expressed their amazement and gratitude for what she had done in her career.  We even discovered that her daughter had attended the elementary school where I teach.  We left the work day feeling like we had received more than we gave because it was such a pleasure to meet her.  

The kids and I were so impressed by what she had done that we shared the information with our friends and my class at school. My students felt like we had a hero living down the street and asked to write "fan" letters expressing their appreciation of her life's work of establishing and working in school libraries.  I delivered the letters and very soon received a phone call from my new friend.   She was so excited and touched to read the letters from the children that she wanted them to know she was going to read all the books they talked about in their letters to her. 

Sent Out Saturday is such a neat opportunity to get out in the community and love our neighbors. Many people were blessed by the experience and we can't wait for the next one!

Erin Bell