Faith Promise is a ministry that gives us, the body of Christ, the opportunity to reach across the street and to the other side of the world with the love and good news of Jesus Christ. 

The funds raised through Faith Promise are the primary way we support local and global missions at New Covenant. The funds raised through the year for Faith Promise come from commitments made by families and individuals that they will use either a percentage or all of any financial blessings that God might give us over the next year. It’s not a pledge but a promise born from the belief that God blesses us so we can bless others. This was the call of Abraham who was “blessed to bless the world”, and this commitment was faithfully lived out by Jesus who gave all he had for our benefit. 

We ask our New Covenant family to prayerfully consider what your Faith Promise will be as Commitment Sunday, July 31st nears. You can click here to make an online gift and be sure to place your amount in the "Faith Promise" section.


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