New Covenant Creates Fireside Room

Every building has a history, and ours is no exception.  New Covenant is at least the third owner of this campus, and this building holds many hidden treasures from the many renovations that have taken place over the years.

When we first purchased this campus, we were excited to take out the drop ceilings to restore the beautiful chapel that is now called the Great Hall. Above the low ceilings a beautiful wood ceiling and stained glass window were uncovered. 

After the NC Kids vacated their old location, we were excited to be able to reclaim part of the space to what it once was – a large classroom with brick walls and a fireplace! It didn’t take long for this space to be dubbed “The Fireside Room.” 

This space is currently under construction, but the vision is clear - we want it to be a warm, inviting space to be versatilely used.  This space will serve as a classroom, a conference room, a room for showers and much more!

Construction is currently under way to complete this room to its full potential. Plans are made to capitalize on the fireplace by using stacked stones to create a warm welcoming feel to capture the essence of who New Covenant is!  Funding for this project began with donations from Sunday School classes, and currently, the Red Bag that is passed during offering on Sunday mornings is contributing. 

Check out the Fireside Room next time you are on campus! The room is located on the East side of the 200 building, next to the doors that exit on the east side of the building.  If you would like to contribute to the completion of the Fireside Room, feel free to drop a few dollars in the Red Bag on Sunday!