STRIVE! Students will be asking for investors again tonight at Midweek dinner and Sunday before and after both services. If you receive a donation card with a students’ name, make sure to keep the donation card with your donated cash or check. This way we ensure the student gets credit for your investment. Donations to STRIVE will appear on your regular church giving statement and are Tax Deductible. If you have not been approached and you would like to give, there will be tables in the Café and in Decker Hall before and after both services.
The 8-hour work day the students are seeking investors for is on February 27th and all money must be turned in prior to or the morning of the 27th for students to get credit for the donation. We will be working in Downtown Oklahoma City at The Refuge helping in their community garden and urban farm!

If you have questions about STRIVE, contact Nathan Cates at

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