Animate: Bible Class starts Tonight!

Animate: Bible – Is it a drawing class? NO! Are we reading comic books? NO!  Animate: Bible is one study in a series from SparkHouse Publishers that provides unique materials for groups to discuss the Bible together. The seven sessions of Animate: Bible aren’t meant to be “lessons,” and they’re not meant to provide answers or fit neatly into seven weeks and then be forgotten. These sessions are designed to raise questions, to flip established answers and assumptions on their heads, and to stick in the minds of participants for months and even years to come.

Jay Smith and Shelley Johnson are excited to embark on this journey toward better understanding what the Bible is and how it applies to our twenty-first century lives. Come by Room 102/3 Wednesday nights from January 13th – March 2nd at 6:30 pm to be part of this unique Midweek experience and discussion. The Animate: Bible books will be available for purchase the night of class. Want to know more about Animate? Check out the study here or contact Jay at or Shelley at 562-3227.

Catherine HortonComment