New Covenant Helps Provide Water Wells in Morogora, Africa

 Kerry Cox is currently serving in mission at Morogoro, Tanzania. He has been overseeing construction of two water wells for two Maasai villages (Mangae & Mtupoli). New Covenant, Faith Promise & Oklahoma United Methodist Foundation partnered together on the project to provide clean, safe water for the rural villages.

The first well in Mangae was very successful finding water at 80 meters.  The second well in Mtupoli did not find water for several days.  However, after prayers from literally all over the world, good, clean and safe water was finally discovered! Pumps to bring the water to the surface will be installed in the next couple of days.

Ceremonies to transfer “ownership” of the water wells to the Maasai villages will take place this Thursday (Aug. 6, 2015).

Kerry will be presenting several lectures for benefit of pastor students during the Pastor Training School at Morogoro UMC.

New Covenant has been supporting the Morogoro UMC Women’s group to produce & market a very delicious “red sauce”. The sauce is from Ngoy Kalangwa’s (Pastor Umba Kalangwa’s wife) recipe that many from New Covenant’s previous mission teams have had the pleasure to experience!

Kerry will be returning this Sunday at 5:13 p.m. (Delta Airlines). If you have time, Kerry deserves a warm welcome home!

Catherine HortonComment