Lent Devotional March 31: Family Circle

Family Circle

Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality. Romans 12:13

I recently visited with John Pugh who had spent 3 years at The Old Bight Home on Cat Island, Bahamas. New Covenant supports this orphanage through Faith Promise with food shipments. I asked John the question, “What was your experience like at the home?”

John said that he was able to witness an event that summarizes his experience there. He related that the children become a family in the most important way. As he spoke, he formed a circle with his hands representing the children’s new family at the orphanage.

Once, he said, there were three children who arrived at the home after being abandoned for days in an apartment in Nassau. One was a baby whose diaper hadn’t been changed in days and two older children who were so dirty and vermin-infested no one would want to touch them. Clearly they had arrived on one of the worst days of their little lives.

But the other children in the orphanage had experienced the worst days in their lives as well, so they immediately surrounded these little ones in love and acceptance. The family circle had opened to take in these children immediately.

Isn’t that what Jesus did for us? For many of us, on the worst day of our life, He surrounded us with love and acceptance and sacrifice.

As we walk through Holy Week, we give thanks that God surrounds us with His love and mercy through the gift of Jesus Christ. We have a new family

now, and we need to open our arms to those who need us just as these children were embraced.

Prayer: Father God, thank-you for embracing us and making us a part of your family. Lord help us faithfully serve you as we seek to be the family of God. Amen.

Jamie Crooch

Catherine HortonComment