Lent Devotional March 28: Forget It, Drive On


Love prospers when a fault is forgiven, but dwelling on it separates close friends. Proverbs 17:9 (NLT)

I thought long and hard about what to write about, and the more I prayed the more the term “forgiveness” came up. Seems like we have a lot of discussion on this topic in Sunday School, and I am betting most of us still have trouble forgiving some people or some situations. I can’t begin to cover all areas of forgiveness, so let me narrow it down to one, “crazy drivers” (that is my description of some drivers). How can I forgive them?

To help me, I did what I do a lot of lately I “googled” the term “forgiveness biblically.” It gave me a lot of bible verses on “forgiveness.” The majority of the verses on forgiveness also included phrases like “forgive sins and your sins will be forgiven” (paraphrased from Mathew 6:14-15).

So, if I am sinned against, I have to recognize my own sins, confess them, and then forgive those who sinned against me. This brings up a couple of questions: Is it a sin when that “crazy driver” comes close to hitting me or running me off the road? Is getting mad at that “crazy driver” a sin? The easy way out would be to say “no” to both questions. But the correct answer is…being honest…the driver, in most cases, probably doesn’t know what he did, but what I did (got mad) was a choice…and probably a sin.

I am working on this and hopefully writing this will help me, but I still need help. And so comes the term “FIDO.” I heard it years ago from a friend of mine whose wife uses it when her husband gets mad at a “crazy driver.” And, I actually “googled” this as well and found that the vast majority of the hits actually say this stands for “Forget It, Drive On.” Perhaps I need to remember FIDO more often and even accept my wife reminding me of FIDO. And in time I will get over my mood of anger when something like this happens in the future.

The proverbs verse should also help remind me that dwelling on a fault separates close friends.

Prayer: Lord, teach me to recognize my own sin, and help me to seek your forgiveness when I do. Teach me to turn to you when I’m tempted to say or do or feel things I shouldn’t, and help me forgive those who cause me harm. Amen.

Frank Andrews

Catherine HortonComment