Lent Devotional March 27: Looking Back

There is a Time

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity …a time to embrace …a time to love. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

Christmas cacti always intrigue me – they bloom at Christmas and only at Christmas. It is their season. I have had a number (too many to note) of these plants, but they never bloomed for me – never until the Christmas of 2014. I was amazed and thrilled.

What thrilled me was that somewhere in the marvelous system that God created, somewhere in the depths of “plant DNA” there was a code or an edict that found my little plant in my home and directed it to bloom, to burst out in beautiful color, to thrill that girl who lives there with awe and exuberance! The flowers were vibrant and called my name, but what intrigued me more was the realization that this was their season. How did my plant “know?”

God created other plants with their “seasons.” And animals have theirs, returning like salmon to spawn or bats with their echolocation skills. Surely I have one, surely all humans have a season for various activities. So how do I find out more about this structuring? How do I experience it, and how will my season or rhythm manifest itself?

So now it is the Easter season; its showiness and its commercialism almost consume society. But the Easter Season is much more than eggs and bunnies. It is the season of rebirth and new life, but mainly it is the celebration of the resurrection of Christ. The season is emphatically, along with the birth of Christ, one of the two most profound seasons we experience. And so the Easter lily knows when to bloom – another season made manifest. Again…how?

The other day I turned to my Christmas cactus to enjoy its shiny and wax-like leaves, and there they were – blooms in smashing colors. What a misstep – these cacti are not supposed to bloom at Easter. How can this be? I was so appalled to think my plant did not know its season that I almost forgot to enjoy the blossoms.

And then it hit me. How often do I get things mixed and messed up? The Great Creator has put a time table in me, and I ignore it. I bloom in April when I’m supposed to bloom in December. Mainly I fail to bloom at all. I forget to check on someone or send them a note. I develop my own schedule and ignore the urgings and codes that come from God.

Let us be sensitive to our “season.” But let us be open to THIS season of Easter, of rebirth, of Christ. Miscuing this message misses the point of Christianity, leads to our eternal death, and spells absolute doom. There is a time to embrace, to love… and it is now.

Prayer: Creator God, thank you for this Easter Season. May we look to Christ to remind us to love and embrace others. May we look to you for our cues…to know when to bloom for you! Amen.

Shari Carney

Catherine HortonComment