Lent Devotional March 20: Heart Change

Heart Change

…Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31

God answers prayer. And He has answered one of mine that I’ve been praying a long time.

I always wanted my husband to attend church with us (me and the kids), but for some reason he wouldn’t come except on special occasions. I think one of his hang ups was he thought the church was always asking for money and that bothered him.

When the kids were young, I took them with me to Asbury UMC, where I had been a lifelong member and Gale Izard was the minister.  In my growing up years, my whole family loved Gale and his wife, Holley.

When my youngest was two years old, we moved to Edmond. For a while I continued to drive to south OKC for church, but it was a long drive, so I finally asked Gale where I should attend church in Edmond. He said New Covenant! The kids and I made the change.

For years, my son and I prayed for Art to be a part of our church, but he would only attend on occasion with us.  Every time AC would see my husband, he would give him a big hug, ask him how he was and when was he going to come to church.  It was as if AC never gave up on my husband, so I didn’t give up my prayers.

This year those prayers were answered! My husband’s heart was changed when Gale passed away, and he made the decision to start coming to worship!

God is awesome – not only did He hear my prayers, but He answered them…maybe not in the way or in the time I would have liked, but He answered!

Prayer: Father, you are so faithful! Thank you for helping me not to grow weary in my praying for my husband, and thank you for allowing me the gift of seeing that prayer answered! May we all trust that when we put our hope in you, we will be renewed and hearts can be changed! Amen.

Donna Bebout

Catherine HortonComment