God Answers Prayers for Water

Recently, the Missions Team had the vision to establish two water wells to two of the villages that New Covenant ministers to in Morogoro, Tanzania.

So when Kerry Cox landed on the ground in Tanzania, the water company had already successfully drilled a water well in Mangae. The significance in the water well is that the women don’t have to go to the river to get water any longer. Earlier this year, two of their people were eaten by crocodiles at the river while they were trying to get water.

When Cox went to Mtupoli, the water well rigs started drilling. Each test, they found nothing but dry, bone rock. One test after another. Dry. Dry. Dry. Not a drop of water.

At the 83-meter mark, they left. It was getting dark, and traveling at night was not recommended, so they left. As they left, about 120 of the Maasai people were leaving one by one. You could see the dejection and disappointment on their faces. The bus was silent.

Kerry sat there thinking that God is not the author of confusion. The Missions Team had raised money for this. They didn’t expect to be able to drill two wells, but could.

“We have money and we had success at the first well, why don’t we have success at this well?” Cox asked God.

At that point, out of desperation, Cox sent a message to New Covenant’s Senior Pastor, AC Cole, asking him to engage the Prayer Team, because “we have a problem here. We don’t have water.”

Cox doesn’t remember all that AC said in his response, but he remembers the last two words: “Done. Now.”

When he saw the word “now”, he knew in his heart that the tables had shifted. He didn’t know what had happened, but felt that the scales had just been tipped in their favor.

This took place on a Thursday night. Friday, things were pretty quiet. They received the word officially from the well service people that they had drilled 100 meters and there was no water.

Nothing but dry bone rock.

The water service company agreed to leave the well open for 72 hours until Monday. So with that, people began to pray.

The next day, the pastors Cox had been teaching in a class all agreed to go and pray at the wellhead. They were familiar with a similar situation that had happened elsewhere.

While they were praying the head of the well company had said, “There is no water in this well. We are going to have to go 150 meters. Scientifically, there is no water in this well.“

Cox looked at him and said, “These pastors are praying to the God that created science. If He so chooses, He can set aside the rules of science and put water in this well.”

They left the wellside that morning. That’s when God began to operate.

The district Superintendent said that she had a dream that two Maasai warriors had came to her and contended that they shouldn’t drill on the land, and they should go to their land to find water. She said no, and with God’s help, they will prevail.

At that point, a man standing with Cox that serves as an interpreter said that it was the exact message a Maasai woman gave to him while they were drilling at the well.

“Do not drill here, there is no water. Come to my land. There is no water.”

Then, the ladies prayer group at Morongo reported independently that God had given them a message as they prayed that there was a force blocking the release of the water.

They waited until Monday morning.

On Monday morning, the pastor of that village reported that there was water at the well!

The team sent the engineer to the scene. He reported that there was water at the 29-meter mark extending to the 100-meter mark. We did the test to verify, and sure enough, the well that was dry 72 hours ago suddenly had water. Plentiful water.

That is God in operation.

Those who experienced this know God, and they know that when our efforts failed, God took over, and he produced water for his glory.

Catherine HortonComment