Missions in Motion

Fall is in the air....yes, I know you are thinking football, autumn leaves, hot cider.  But, I'm thinking it is time to begin planning for the annual Edmond Community Thanksgiving Dinner!  There are three churches (First Presbyterian, St. John's Catholic, and New Covenant) that provide the food, cook the food, and serve the dinner on Thanksgiving day!  What an awesome mission right here in Edmond!!

This year New Covenant is responsible for all the volunteers on Thanksgiving Day!  WOW!!  With God all things are possible.  But, we need some help from members of the congregation.  Some jobs can be done at home, some jobs are done on Sundays before or after services, some jobs are needed on Thanksgiving Day.  Which area would you like to help with?

1)  Would you be willing to check the phone number each day for volunteers calling in to help?  People call a phone line at St. John's that is designated specifically for community people to volunteer their time on Thanksgiving Day.  You would need to check this line frequently and call the person back to confirm the information.  I will have a spread sheets available for you to track volunteers (time they want to work, area to work, and number in their party to work).  This job CAN be done at home!!!!

2) Help "man" the display table in Decker Hall or in the Coffee Shop before and after each service.  I need 1-2 people willing to stand at each display (one in Decker Hall and one in the Coffee Shop area).  You will be recruiting people to bring food.  Later in the month, you will collect the food and check off each person's name so we know what items we will need to purchase ourselves.  You may be willing to do 2 Sundays or all 4 Sundays in November before Thanksgiving.  Would you like to do the before the first service, after the first service, before the second service, after the second service?  You miss VERY little of each service but you would be a HUGE help in this mission.

3) Would you be willing to help in the volunteer room on Thanksgiving Day?  I will need 3-4 people helping with each shift on Thanksgiving Day.

Are you willing to bless this wonderful outreach mission?  It is short term, and with a variety of different opportunities!  But, it can not be done by one person.  Are you willing to step up and help?

If you want additional information or if you are willing to volunteer, please call me on my home phone at 405-348-9160, on my cell phone at 405-824-5184, or e-mail me at jsm100@cox.net.

Thank you for your servant heart!
JoAnn Simpson-Miller

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