Leadership Development Opportunity, January 10-12

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On January 10-12, 2013, New Covenant will be hosting a conference put on by an organization called International Leadership Institute (ILI). This conference is a leadership training event consisting of 14 sessions that explains how to live out eight values of leadership. Those values are; Intimacy with God, Passion for the Harvest (Outreach), Visionary Leadership, Cultural Relevant Evangelism, Multiplication, Family Priority, Stewardship, and Integrity.

Maybe you’ve been a leader, interested in becoming a leader or are currently serving as a leader in some area of the church. We encourage you to participate in this opportunity. ILI will bring in a team of experienced teachers and trainers to hold the conference.

If you are interested in being a part of this ILI Conference, you may register through their website at   www.ILIteamUSA.org/registration or contact Ruby at 562-3200. The cost is $45 including materials and meals.Save the date!

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  1. Mary Nichols says:

    What time of day is the conference
    at New Covenant Methodist?

    • SiteAdministrator says:


      Thanks for asking. There are 14 sessions, and they begin Thursday evening, January 10th and go through January 12th. The sessions are during the day on Friday, and those participating would need to take a day off work.

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